Wednesday, August 6, 2008

MyExperience Version 0.8.2 Released

You can download version 0.8.2 of MyExperience here, which includes over 58 changes from the last release (if you want the source as well, click here).

Some of the highlights that were fixed/added in this version.
  • Quicker transitions between survey panels and the desktop toolbar no longer pops up for a few milliseconds during the transition
  • Added GetResponses() method to ExecutableBase that allows the survey designer to obtain all the responses for a given question. It returns an array of Response objects. Call Response.Value to get the raw value.
  • Fixed the IsActionTypeExecuting method so that it appropriately returns false/true
  • Fixed bug where after TimeOutForm is closed via tap/keypress, SurveyForm would not show up
  • Fixed region specific bug.. Although this was originally marked as an issue with language, it is actually an issue with the regionality configuration of the device. I blogged about this issue here.
  • Added GetTrigger() method to TriggerExecutable thereby allowing trigger scripts to get access to the trigger itself
  • Added ability to automatically change the startup image. New startup images can be defined by placing a PNG called "Startup.png" in the application directory.
  • Fixed the improper handling of negative number definitions in Simkin (e.g., i = -1 threw an exception because Simkin saw this as a subtraction sign rather than a negative sign)
  • Added the ability to get access to actions via the GetExecutingActions() and GetExecutingActionsOfType() methods in ExecutableBase
Click here for the full release notes.

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