Wednesday, August 19, 2009

MyExperience Version 0.9.1 Released

You can download MyExperience version 0.9.1 here. This was a bug fix release.

Release Notes:
- Fixed MyExperience.Analyzer error when trying to save results from query to csv file
- Added a check in Trigger.cs to see if the user did not specify a GetSensor or GetSensorStateSnapshot--if that's the case, we now print out a warning into the log file
- Fixed "The connection is already Open" in MyExperience.Analyzer
- Fixed problem when device does not use "Storage Card" for its external storage unit, MyExperienceLog.txt file getting saved in wrong directory. Now, the MyExperienceLog.txt is always stored in \Storage Card\MyExperience as designed
- Added a few more example XML files.
- Added build.bat and create_installers.bat to create the releases (should vastly reduce time it takes to create new releases and allow other developers to create releases as well)